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Go Cards

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            GO CARDS are a deck of symbols that map a pathway to go past or through what isn’t working.  Symbols are repositories of spiritual power, and when you engage with a symbol, you can find a way to go beyond internal areas that have been shut or restricted. Each symbol holds a charge of spiritual power that can activate courage, principle, and character. GO CARDS put you in Go Mode!


Work/Life Balance: Mission Impossible?

Recently, I was approached by the The American City University to participate in a new series of free webinars designed to help the entrepreneur and working professional. This was an exciting learning process and I am very happy to share the results with you! This engaging half-hour webinar covers the key challenges we face as…


All of us have vampires in our lives, people who suck our energy. Sometimes these vampires are very clever about stealing our energy before we even know it. Usually where there are strong obligations, there are strong vampires. The “what I must do” is often bullied by a strong vampire making sure that is so.…

Amer – I – Can

America was founded by individuals who were drawn to this land.  What drew them?  They didn’t come of their own volition; they were drawn by an attraction.   They were drawn by a vision, a vision that sustained them through the forging of a nation.  That vision pulled and sustained them so they could overcome impossible…