Are you looking to have a very Merry Christmas or Holiday? Do your expectations exceed what really happens? Then it may be time for a different approach to keeping the spirit season. Why not discover how to maintain balance, enjoy the season and recharge your battery at the same time.

Over the years I have learned how my own set of beliefs around traditions have stymied my joy during this season. Through trial and error and a little nudging, I have gradually disrobed myself of the traditions that have left me frustrated and drained, and have embraced the fresh scent of the pines that comes with each new Christmas.

Key #1: Be Debt Free.
More people go into debt this time of year than at any other time, feeling obligated to meet the expectations of others. I get stressful just writing about it. I remember when I felt I had to buy presents, no matter what my personal or family financial circumstances were. Be honest with those you are connected to and let them know that your financial situation precludes expensive gift buying. Invite them to participate in a new way to exchange gifts. Honor that luvv is the greatest gift of all, and give in a way that works by leaving you open to enjoy the season. What do you already put your luvv into?

♥ Baking?  
♥ Emails?   
♥ Photos?    
♥ Videos?     
♥ Songs?      
♥ Writings?       
♥ Gardening?

Take what you luvv and give that.

Get current. Start by asking yourself, “What holiday traditions do I absolutely enjoy and get excited about?” And “What ones do I dread even though I or my family have always done them?” It’s time to get current — let go of the traditions that don’t bring you a lift. I have to personally watch myself that I don’t fill this very powerful season with nonstop distractions: buying gifts for way too many people, obligations to do the right thing for all the family members, or discharging my own energy, focus and power to get through another season.

Key #2: Release Your Hold on Clock Time.
Most of us are run by the clock — appointments, meetings, scheduled time with others, round the clock attention to the clock. Time becomes the enemy. We talk bad about it. And we never have enough.

I’ve learned to make time my companion by developing greater listening, increasing my desire to have fun in spite of what others think I should be doing; and finally, to delegate so that I don’t become a prisoner in my own time capsule. Even if you are a single parent or self-employed, there are always resources to assist with time issues if we open up to them.

I found myself stuck in Clock Time years ago, on that holiday hamster wheel, scrambling to catch up, show up, ante up, but ultimately giving up! Time kept me feeling impoverished because I never had enough. My business advisor, Henry Conyers, connected me to a truth:

Time is my Companion. Time is my Companion.

He instructed me to say it in my heart. The heart is where we purify illusions and misunderstandings. I saw it written across my heart like a ticker tape message, breathing it in and out. Time is my companion. Time to embrace the day, time to discover, time to connect, ride the roller coaster of change, or deal with challenges. Time to be in the magical flow of my day, not stuck in the mental tick tock of expectations. Time is my companion. The clock can be a mere metronome of moving forward.

Key #3: KISS — Keep It Simple, Silly!
This is a time of renewal — a time to relax, listen deeply, hang out with friends, enjoy being alone, write, watch inspirational movies, play Rockband, build something, be spontaneous, watch sports, and be available when friends drop by. It takes courage to do any one of these simple things this time of year. It builds character and freedom to listen to your own being. Move from Doing to Being. Your Being is the part that knows how to be. It takes discipline to trust it.

If your time is limited because of work responsibilities or family visits, become selfish enough to find time to embrace the day for yourself. This holiday season I will be focusing on becoming a better receiver, and making sure I give with a full heart, no matter if it’s cookies or a diamond watch. This is my favorite holiday to receive the inner gifts, the inner truths, the deeper pearls of wisdom and natural knowing that are part of the preparation for the New Year. My challenge is to embrace the spiritual gifts as them come to me. It’s time to embrace peace.

PEACE: Passionate Energy Activating Courageous Exchange

Here’s wishing you a very peaceful Christmas and holiday season.

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