America was founded by individuals who were drawn to this land.  What drew them?  They didn’t come of their own volition; they were drawn by an attraction.   They were drawn by a vision, a vision that sustained them through the forging of a nation.  That vision pulled and sustained them so they could overcome impossible odds.  The people who came here were deeply ingrained in slavery.

We talk about being free but we know very little about freedom.  Freedom is the power to be the individual, to hold to the conscience.  Free is not freedom.  Free is without conscience, without charge.  You look for others to gather together and you follow opinion, not conscience.  You submerge your individual knowing to somebody’s opinion.  To be free you lose the conscience.  Freedom is neither slavery nor free, it is the individual destiny to be, to do, to luvv and to lift.

The crisis the world is facing have been brought about by not following the conscience and the promotion of the slave system.  We have built our financial, political, legal, educational, and medical institutions on this corruption.  We have called it the American dream.  Hard work leads to success and success leads to the American dream.  But there is no fulfillment in success because it we have not followed the conscience.  This upheaval provides a global opportunity to rebuild our infrastructures with that connection to conscience.  We are looking at all elements of the American dream – real estate, commerce, jobs, and education – falling apart.  Perhaps it is because of the weakness of their foundation.  If we have built a war economy, industries that have supported the war must fold, must collapse.  The bees had Colony Collapse Disorder.  We may follow that pattern briefly so that the new may rise.

We are in a magical moment in time right now.  The call to conscience has gone out for all.  Freedom is ringing through the world.  Freedom is not granted, it must be embraced on an individual basis every day.  When we move into a group consciousness, we deny the individuality which makes each one great.  It’s not for everybody.  It takes character and courage to embrace freedom.  All of us have a history of slavery and it has been the basis of society for ages all over the planet.  Now we are each being summoned to develop the individuality we were born to express, to let freedom ring individually.

This is not a tragedy.  When new building takes place, those in the old areas feel it is a tragedy.  They are displaced, removed from their housing.  But if it leads to greater conditions, it is an opportunity to step up.  Whoever doesn’t step up will be playing catch-up to those who are already embracing this wave of change.  If the masters know war and peace is proclaimed, if the slaves embrace the peace, the masters become retards.  All they do is shout and wave their hands about.  They try to go back to the old traditional war game.

Now is the time to embrace the vision and hold to conscience, individuality and freedom.  The road to the vision is paved with conscience, that voice that always leads us home, that rudder that provides direction in the middle of a storm.  Will it take courage?  You bet.  Will it be easy?  No way.  Why do it?  We must.  If we hold to the past, we will weaken ourselves even more.  The past doesn’t provide the solutions for the now.  What worked for a population of 20 million won’t work for 300 million.  The principle must be amplified to cover this density of population.  And it is time to embrace freedom now – young, old, black, white, yellow, red, brown.

There is an enthusiasm that is re-energizing all who open to it.  Hope is pervading hearts around the globe.  We don’t have the answers because we haven’t faced these problems before.  We must learn.  We must open to the new.  New industries can emerge, new ideas can be developed, and new thought can be embraced.  The new is coming through.  We have to open up and listen. Intuition’s time has come.  Knowing is having a rebirth.

I can provides a doorway to the endless possibilities that are all around us when we open to them.  I can lifts the iron cap of suppression off the conscience so that the individual sings again, luvvs again, breathes again and the voice comes forth.  The voice announces the victory.  We are faced with great problems.  Great problems give great opportunities to solve them.  It will take Spirit, luvv, truth, wisdom, patience, trust, courage, adventure, peace and knowing you can win, to bring this about.  We have done it before.  It has been done before against impossible odds.  It will be done again and the possible will be made clear.  It is knowable and doable and luvvable.  This comes in for the globe.  Some see it right away and rejoice.  Others are more skeptical because they feel it is too much to embrace. It’s too sudden and they didn’t have a hand in it.  But it has come for all.

Change has come to America but change has also come to the planet.  Change is here.  The more individuals that awaken to it, the more powerful it becomes.  There will still be skirmishes, wars, bickering but it will all be permeated by peace with greater and greater power as individuals determine not to be subjected to slavery again.  Even those who have vowed to fortify slavery will be subject to change.  They will find themselves done unto by change.  A victory is a victory.  What we’re going through is not a calamity, it is a victory.  It won’t look like you think it should but it ain’t what it looks like, it is what it is.  When we call it what it is we become stronger.

Barack Obama came to office on <strong>Yes, we can</strong>.  He seems poised to lead Amer-I-Cans around the globe.  Great leadership is required and that has always come from individuals, individuals listening to conscience and demonstrating principle.   We have a political system that has rejected greatness for goodness and badness.  It will take greatness from all individuals that heed the call to move us forward into resolving these large issues.  Greatness calls forth the greatness in all.  This call is not for one man, one nation, one race, one religion.  The call is for All.  And as often happens when great challenges face us, a confluence of factors must come together at a certain space and time.   Let each one answer the call and let freedom roar across the land.

This is not old
This is new
This is now
This is not the future
This is not the past
This is now.

In order to keep up with it you’ve got to be in the now.