All of us have vampires in our lives, people who suck our energy. Sometimes these vampires are very clever about stealing our energy before we even know it. Usually where there are strong obligations, there are strong vampires. The “what I must do” is often bullied by a strong vampire making sure that is so.

Sometimes vampires operate at very high levels with smiles on their faces, leaders of the pack. I was leading a team that happened to be all women on a project that took months to complete. Everyone was a volunteer from different companies, and most of these women were vampires. One in particular ruled them all. Skillful vampires can shut you down with the look of an eye, and they can zap you of your energy before you even know they’ve taken a bite!

My intention was to demonstrate leadership, lifting them out of their controlling, dominating ways, but I didn’t know how to face this level of vampiring. If on an energy scale of 1 – 100, luvving occurs between 50 – 100. Vampiring starts at minus 30, and this queen vampire was at minus 240! I had never had to work with someone so developed!

I was given a very powerful tool called FUN EASE. They are fun to do and can feel very exhilarating what you activate them. Here’s how:

Bend your elbows and bring your hands up by your shoulders, palms facing forward. Splay your fingers so each one is stretched wide. Then close your hands into a fist, and open them back up sharply to the splayed position. That’s one. Repeat so that you do 8 of them at a time. Then repeat as often as you desire to feel balanced and engaged.

I went to the next meeting with the vampires and introduced the Fun Ease. I said, “We all have ideas, we all like to be in charge, and we tend to talk over each other. So let’s start with something called Fun Ease, and anytime we get carried away, anyone can stop and lead us in the Fun Ease to get everyone back aligned!”  They did them, laughed heartily, and we had several people who initiated the Fun Ease that first meeting.

At the next meeting, one of the team asked, “Aren’t we going to start with those things with our hands?” I said, “Of course! Let’s start all our meetings with the Fun Ease! So we all did them, refreshed our spirits by reconnecting, and moved into the work at hand.

I do the Fun Ease often, daily. They connect my heart of courage to the situation at hand. They assist me to strenthen my interactions and balance my power.

Vampires in the midst? Fun Ease may be the answer!