My husband, Jerome, was talking to a friend the other night about the economic climate and changing times. Jerome began talking about me and boldly proclaimed that I was “recession proof.” I looked at him quizzically, wondering what he meant by that. Jerome said, “You will weather this downturn and it won’t affect your spirit and your business. I just know it.” I was deeply touched by his sureness, and it made me explore my own feelings–how did I see it?

I flashed back to a tough economic time in the 80’s when I was a massage therapist. Back then, massages were not common or trendy–actually, most people didn’t really know what a massage was. A fellow massage therapist commented one day, “Wow, this recession has really affected my clientele. People aren’t calling me like they used to. I’m struggling to get by.” I had to take a quick inventory and acknowledge that I wasn’t greatly impacted by it. My clients still called me, and my work continued on.

So what does all that mean at a time when people are without work, or scared to leave their employment when they are consciously miserable? What do you do about that? These are great questions. How do you become recession proof?

Well, I’ve certainly had my share of scared and terrified. The news reinforces it daily. But I am astutely aware that I am required to make a daily commitment to take this ride of change, if I am to make it through with more strength and character.

After fighting and resisting the way things are, it comes down to one powerful principle:

STAY ON YOUR J.O.B: Your Joy Of Being

There has never been a more important time than now to connect to your Joy Of Being. How in touch are you with that part of yourself? Your JOY of being alive, being you, being happy, being able to breathe, walk, dance, feel? Your Joy of Being becomes your most tangible asset that separates you from the crowd, because most people are in self destruction, blame, criticism and pointing fingers at other people so they don’t have to take the heat. That miserable part inside us says, “This is NOT the time to be wasting your energy on JOY.” Hmmm……

So how do I stay on my J.O.B? Here are a few disciplines that work for me, when I will work them. I have found they assist me to ride through this turbulent journey when so much is uncertain and scary.

Discipline #1: Embrace Your JOB. Don’t lose it or part with it or sell it out for anyone or anything. Your Joy Of Being is your rudder on the ship – it will assist you to get from where you are, along the path of desire, to where you can thrive and grow and learn. Stay focused on what that joy feels like and what you desire to do with it, daily. Follow your passions, your whims, your deep desires. That’s where your energy thrives. What you luvv, money will follow. Money and luvv go hand in hand.

Discipline #2: Count on Money. Count on it. Rely on it. Not the paper in your pocket, but the essence of money, the gold that backed our country, the gold in your heart, the wealth of your being and your ability to rebound and be resourceful. What if our hearts really were pots of gold? Wouldn’t we be wealthy no matter how much paper in our pockets? I read a few weeks ago that 1,000 people in Miami lined up for 35 job openings as fire fighters. A strong number of them came days early and slept on the hard cement for two nights so that they could be upfront when the doors opened to receive applicants. BUT, having a good spot in line, without a connection to your inner gold, and disconnected to your JOB, will most likely not get you the position being applied for.

If we really think about it, how did you end up at your place of employment today? How many people do you know really set out to do what they are currently doing? Compare that with how many people were pulled along, pointed in new directions, connected to other people and projects, and soon end up in fields and industries that might not have been their preference, but it works.

It’s a time to trust in the magic. Rely on the magic, the wonder of the adventure, the flow of life, the destiny in store, unique for each and all.

Discipline #3: Look through the eyes of VISION. It’s time to release the American Dream. The American Dream has run its course. I have worked with so many individuals over the past 6 months who found themselves stuck in the programming of what they should be doing with their time, energy, money and life, and they weren’t happy doing so. The American Dream has everyone programmed to get ahead quick and at any cost, abandon hard work, sell out if that can get your kids into a better school, cheat and buy on credit to possess the image of being rich, and then retire early with as many trinkets as possible. And that dream comes with a promise that you will be fulfilled when you attain these things–an empty promise.

VISION provides the way forward. VISION is the tugboat that blows the foghorn to get our attention. It takes on daunting challenges so we can build character and develop discipline. It can navigate through narrow passageways pulling us forward. It stays on course to keep all on course. VISION haunts us to take the principled, courageous truth-filled next step, even when you can’t see through the fog. That’s why the foghorn is there, to sound you through. The VISION brings doing, fulfillment and victory.

Do something courageous everyday.

Courage connects us to vision and destiny. Courageous acts are not jumping off tall buildings or holding your breath for four minutes. The courage that connects us to vision are the actions that build character today: speaking up, clearing up grudges, expressing beauty, spending money on your desires, listening to your heart and doing what it tells you to do. That’s courage, that’s power. And then as you are required to adjust to a different salary, or make a career change, or start your own business, you will have the courage to do so with power and balance.

Look through the eyes of VISION and you will see that this is a powerful time to be alive, and that this recession is really a RESET, resetting the country, the economy, the government, and the people, on the course of purpose, learning, and destiny. It’s not about going back or getting back what was had before, We are being pulled forward economically, socially and emotionally to new times, new ways, into a brave new world.

So, ask yourself; am I

  • On my J.O.B.?
  • Counting on MONEY$?
  • Looking through the eyes of VISION?

That’s how you, too, become Recession Proof. That’s how you become the man or woman for the job and thrive during these tough times. That’s how you learn through these opportunities to build more strength and character. That’s how you embrace what life has in store. Count on it.