The Conscience is a funny thing to me. It a part of me, and I know it’s there, but it is not always easy to listen to. This past weekend my wife, Gail, and I got really caught up with the TV show Heroes. It’s been out for 2 seasons, but I never took the time to TIVO it. It’s a show about all these abnormal people who have incredible evolutionary skills, with each of them going through their own personal battle on what these gifts or curses means. As each character evolves they have to deal with the internal battle of good and evil. As I watched the show, it caused me to tune into how I battle with the conscience. Sometimes, sometimes not, but mostly learning how to really listen and follow.

It has become more imperative these days to listen to the conscience at an even deeper level. The energy on the planet continues to increase, along with the daily challenges of dealing with the economy. There’s no greater time to thrive than now. All of the old reference points are being stripped away. There are fewer and fewer guarantees associated with the job market. I heard about a person who was with a major bank organization for 20 years being laid off. The old adage of “just go find a job” is no longer a part of the American lexicon. The new mantra is, “Listen deeply and often.”

What is the formula for people striving financially in tough times? For the most part, it’s the individual that takes that giant leap of faith, falls down, gets up and leaps again, who usually ends up feeding their desires and profiting from them. You see an absence of this showcased in Heroes–people failing to fully understand their purpose or how to use their talents, and then reeling in a lack of trust for each other. It is not until a full connection with the conscience is made that the individual is able to proceed on their journey.

Many times we don’t really value the talent and gifts we have. In fact we down play them and then one day, something happens and the very skill we dismissed is the exact one needed for a particular situation.

There are times when you have to step towards something before you are able to determine if it’s for you or not. I find it difficult to be a casual observer of things. I have to step in, play around, and get a feel before I can determine if this is where I need to be now or is it just part of the exploration. I am in the midst of a lot of these kinds of decisions right now.

Each of us has a journey to undertake. Sometimes I feel I am so far off track that I won’t be able to find my own journey in this lifetime. At other times I feel I am on track and ready to really take off. Recently, I realized that I haven’t been fully tuning into my desire at the deepest level. In many ways I am trying to protect my turf or make sure I don’t run out of money to pay the bills. But real desire hasn’t been flowing through me, not like it used to. Some people say that as you get older life beats you down and you just settle more. I don’t buy that. I’ve seen 14 years old settle and 80-year old flourish. I really feel that the closer I am connected to conscience the deeper I am able to listen.

How do you Ask The Conscience? You first have to be open, present and willing. Then you need to tap into the things that bring you joy and passion. I do know that one principle is being open and willing to follow what you hear. If your heart is closed, it is not possible to ask, listen or follow the conscience.

To listen to conscience you need to be able to trust your desire and then follow it. You need to also have courage to then act on what you hear and not listen to the mob. The mob is not conscience. For example Pinocchio was often persuaded by different characters who were telling him what to do, and then Jiminy Cricket would try and stop him from going astray. We each have a Jiminy Cricket awaiting us and willing to direct us.

Listening is the most important tool for the 21st century. Listening is a key to asking and following the conscience. Without the listening there can be no change or direction given. When I want to hear the conscience on a deeper level I usually listen to music or watch a movie. Those are the two areas where conscience speaks to me the loudest. I am also visited by conscience on the golf course and while I am flying in an airplane. The key is to find that place where you can hear the most and the deepest, and then make sure you spend time there on a regular basis.


  1. I had a chance to see a preview of a movie coming out with Nicholas Cage called “Stolen”. Although the story revolves around a bank robbery, I saw that the movie was really all about love and conscience, Nicholas Cage being a bank robber with a conscience. I wanted to encourage your readers to see when it comes out. (no release date was given).

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