Cartoon by Ed Stein

We don’t want to hear it, see it, or feel it. We can’t believe it– $700 Billion Dollars going to bailout Wall Street and we hand over the keys to the vaults. Here, you miserable slime sucking criminals, here is more money than anyone ever accumulated, take the money, wash out this stain, or at least hide it somewhere so we don’t have to see it right now. Don’t you know there’s an election? We have a democracy to fake. We have voting to do and we don’t like this dirty laundry sitting out for all to see.

Guess what? The bailout is here. It got voted in. It doesn’t mean it’s right or that it will work. It won’t work, just like more drugs don’t help the junkie screaming for relief. The old has got to go. The old ways can’t do the job of building America. The election that happens every four years won’t bring the change that is being asked for. It is not the end of days, like the bible says. It’s more like the beginning that must be born amidst the decay and debris of Wall Street whitewashing its account: spend without conscience and buy more to hide the blood. It has to be a cold turkey change from the same old same old. We need to move into All New All Now.

I can say this is all bogus. I am sure most Americans are saying that this bailout bull is a bunch of crap. Can you solve a money problem with money? No, heck no. Everyone knows that. Every parent knows that. Every banker knows that. At the root of a money problem is a weakness of a different sort.

This issue is large. It involves me and you, and all of America. It involves the whole planet. We got started some time ago with a spending craze. We started spending like mad. We spent to make money but not to make something of value. We wanted more. Yet, we didn’t make more. We worked the system to get more out of less, without paying with love and sweat and truth. We just schmoozed our way to the next level. Bankers did it. Wall Street did it. Plain old Americans did it. We spent more than we had. We relied on the system to maintain the status quo so we didn’t have to actually produce more in ourselves to keep our standard of living. After all, we deserved it. We are Americans.

This land of opportunity is rich indeed. People from all over the world move here to make of themselves what they will. The sky is the limit. So says the American dream. Each person can and should have a house with a yard. Each garage should have 2 new cars. The kids have to grow up and go to the right schools and get into a good college so they can maintain the American Dream. This dream is a promise to the people that cannot be kept.

This dream thrives on credit and spending and looking good to others. It doesn’t require thrift or discernment or tuning in to individuality and destiny. The Dream has intoxicated me and my generation, my parent’s generation and the younger generation. We are either living up to this image of the good life or rejecting that it’s not for us, but either way still locked in its grasp. Where is America right now, still stuck in the dream and waking up to the nightmare?

I love America. I feel a sense of Patriotism. I love my country. Yet, I feel like my love has to grow and expand to be felt by me in me in this time of upheaval. I have to face my own shame about getting by and looking good, not going the distance to bring in a correction. Leaving well enough alone when more love and investigation would bring through greater direction or a real sense of peace instead of just a ceasefire from the war. I have hidden away from love duty. I have lied about doing and have been a two-faced fighter. When I did hear what to do, I backed away.

The time of hemhawing is over. America has slipped past its ivory coast, its shining seas, and into an abyss of credit – shopping – buying frenzy where accumulation of stuff in a house with plenty of kids and a car and lots of debt is not just the norm but it is expected. The national debt has hit 10 Trillion Dollars. We keep adding to that debt. I guess I can see that it is time for the spirit to lead America. I guess it is time for me to follow Spirit and rise beyond my fears about the future and step into a production now. The back away side step will add to the crashing waves covering America’s sandy shores.

The image of America and the debt America owes to spirit have to be reconciled by calling on a greater listening. We have to ask for direction from a different source and have the discernment to hear it and the courage to follow the orders that come through. I see that I must learn to stretch more fully into Spirit and to learn to open spontaneously as the orders change and the love has to be made. It’s a now thing, and every day Now seems to ask for more from me. I say Yes to Love and Learning and Spirit. The old ways have to make way for the new. I have the heart to see and hear and follow.

I keep thinking about our founding fathers and the spirit they felt to make this new nation. It was just an idea at one time. They had to work it through, with their fellow man, with their wives and family and they had to fight for this idea of a land of freedom. I never felt like I had that kind of conviction. We would still be British if it were up to me. However, right now, it occurs to me that I need that kind of conviction to rise above the old ways and follow my heart. I need to connect to conscience and Life so I can be an example of America. I don’t want to fall asleep and not see or hear what is going on. I want to exchange with my day and the gifts that surround me. I want to pay up with my love and keep freedom ringing in me. I hope freedom is ringing in your heart.