Gail and I were at the Drive-In. I was driving and Gail was in the passenger seat. It was one of those places where you park, order in your car and they bring it out to you. I ordered cherry limeade and Gail ordered a blizzard, basically a milkshake with candy in it, butterfingers or M&Ms in vanilla ice cream. It was a hot June day and we were thirsty.

When the treats came, I handed Gail hers and I gulped my limeade right away. My dog Lulu was in the back and she paid careful attention to everything that was going on in the front. Gail approached her blizzard slowly, and made sounds of appreciation about the frozen treat as it hit her system. I looked at her ice cream and after my thirst was quenched, that ice cream started to look really good to me.

“Do you want a bite?”, Gail offered. Yes, I shook my head. She handed me a spoonful of her vanilla blizzard with candy and I ate the dessert with delight.
Gail took the spoon and returned it to her treat to feast again.

Lulu was sitting in the back. She hadn’t missed a beat of the exchange between me and Gail and the ice cream. Her big brown eyes, following every move of the spoon, caught our attention. Gail looked back at her. “Oh, do you want some too?”, she asked.

Lulu, not verbal, but loud in her response, opened her eyes wider and let Gail know, Yes.

Gail pointed the spoon towards the back of the car, filled with the melting ice cream and let Lulu lick the spoon of the frozen milky marvel. Her spotted tongue took no time in removing the ice cream from the spoon. She did it fast and with flare.

Yes, Lulu loves ice cream.

Gail took the spoon back and returned it to the cup. She scooped another spoonful and ate it.

I started to giggle. I was more than amused. Here was Gail, enjoying the treat herself, giving me a bite of ice cream delight and feeding Lulu, my black lab mutt, all with the same spoon. Seriously, I wanted to be disgusted by it but I couldn’t stop laughing. I loved it. I loved the ice cream. Lulu loved it and Gail loved it. Gail repeated the process of feeding me and Lulu a few more times.

I laughed each time she gave Lulu a spoonful of ice cream. I laughed even harder when she dunked the spoon in her cup and ate more of it herself.

It’s one of those days that bring a smile to my face. Lulu and Martha and Gail love ice cream.

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