Being happy is your essence. Working happy is your purpose. Keeping happy is the adventure of a lifetime. We have so many illusions of happiness and of work, yet there is an undeniable attraction to both. The formula we sell is – work leads to success and success leads to happy. We are incorrect on both counts. What we call work is labor, slave labor. And it has a high personal and general cost. It is a key component of the American dream, which we see crumbling around us. Now is a wonderful time to learn about work and happy—what they are and what they are not.

Work is a principle that calls forth destiny and purpose. It is the pathway that allows the individual to express who s/he is and why s/he is here. It shows what s/he is here on this earth to learn, strengthen and develop. It is an ongoing adventure of discovery. You may have strong skills in a certain area but that may not be what you are here to work on this time around.

Within the construct of labor, there is little room for work. Labor exacts such a high price of time and effort, for most it consumes the majority of the life. Often people get their greatest recharge and joy from hobbies or areas they spend little or no time in. Or it can be something that you just have to do, GOT TO! Passion is a great indicator of the area in which one’s work resides. Passion provides renewal, motivation and joy, which are all aspects of work. There are many expressions of work. Each one of us has a unique connection to it. It can come forth in millions of ways.

We have connected happiness and success. This is another faulty formula. If it were a truth, we would see all the high wage-earners in society happy and fulfilled. I don’t see that. Happiness is being who you are. It is the expression of your individuality, your essence. We can be happy any time anywhere. But, having said that, to be happy requires the building of character to hold that energy. Happiness is one of the largest areas of illusion around. We sell the illusory formula in almost every aspect of society; family stories, history, movies and books all put it forth. This illusion is everywhere and it costs us dearly. It distracts us from being able to find happiness and from learning how to keep it. Society always defends its illusions because it has its very foundation within them. That’s often how you can identify an illusion, it requires major defense. Principles do not. They provide their own power and their own protection.

What it takes to reach happy is the development and refinement of the character to be an individual. It is about learning to be who you are. We think we live in who we are but that is not really so. Most of us live in the image of who we are. It is a narrow path of existence that every one of us is lead to. All of our institutions push us down that path and have a lot invested in keeping us on it. Unhappiness takes great defense. It costs us to be unhappy. Maintain your unhappiness and you maintain the dream.

We watch someone like Tiger Woods, who is a great demonstration of being an individual, and we are deeply moved and inspired by him. How is it he can not only hold the pressure he faces, but consistently achieve magical heights in the face of it? He is a man in development. He is a happy man. He showcases what one can do. There is always more to learn and more to do. And every achievement of individuality lifts us all. It is why we are attracted to and terrified of new world records. Any time an individual walks through that door; it shows all of us that we, too, can do it. There are parts of us that do not want to see greatness because in every demonstration of it is the call to the greatness in each one. It commands it from us and we feel that pull.

We tend to develop the ability to fit in, though I don’t think ability truly describes it. And we deny the cost of that. Our families, religions, races, schools and workplaces all call for that. And we become good at it. There are threats of excommunication and worse the moment that we reach beyond. That dynamic is at the root of slave labor. What it takes to speak your heart and to speak your truth in whatever environment you are in is courage and character. Most of us excel in speaking our minds. We act as if that takes something. But that too has a high personal cost. Every word we say without luvv, without truth and without heart is recorded. Every idle word costs. When someone speaks their heart it lifts them and all around. But to speak your heart is not an easy thing to do. If it were, we would all do it.

Being the individual requires learning to face the rejection and criticism that comes with it. That’s why courage and determination are called for. And being the individual means being happy. We are afraid of happy yet there is a pull to it at the same time. Many of the great movies we adore are of the individual, who in the face of impossible odds, listens to the voice within. There’s not a soul around that encourages them. They find themselves not even fully understanding it but it is something they have to do. And when they do, magical things occur that lift them to great achievement. Achievement lifts, success does not. It is the individual that lifts his family, race, religion, country.

Happy and work both come from beyond creation. This means that we must reach to that beyond to get them and to hold on to them. They are high levels of being that lead to living in essence, living in exchange. Creation tries to tell us that happiness can be found within it. Look around you. How many people could you honestly say are happy? How many have lived a life based on their heart’s desire, their truth and their personal development? How often do you see someone exemplifying principle? We tend to follow the traditional prescription laid down in front of us. And it restricts. It restricts the heart, the individual, and the development of character. It doesn’t lead to happy.

You have to acknowledge what happiness really is before you can begin to build your ability to hold and to keep it. It is the adventure of a lifetime to keep your happiness. We are so easily distracted away from our happy. The excuses we use are multitudinous; sometimes it’s as easy as ‘traffic’ or a certain ‘you know who’. But somewhere deep inside we know it really is up to us. People around us are not invested in making themselves happy and the truth is you cannot make someone else happy. We spend our lifetimes trying to make our parents, spouse, children, family, boss, god happy. It cannot be done. What we can do is be happy and in the expression of that happiness lift all around. Will it please them? No. Pleasing people is similar to perfection. They are illusions that are impossible to attain and we often spend all of our time here working towards exactly that.

This is why it takes guts to be happy. Maybe being happy is the work we are all here to do. Work and happy go together. They are companions. When you are happy, you are at work. When you are at work you are happy. The question for each individual is what is my work?

There is much to explore in these areas of work and happy. When the heart holds the desire to learn about a principle, a door opens for that to occur.