Happy New Year! We say it every year, briefly, and then let it go. But with a new year, new energy comes roaring through. And we don’t tend to embrace that newness, not really. For new is an energy that commands change. We have to develop the character, the courage and the capacity to hold it, to be it and to embrace it. So we make some silly resolutions but we stay in the same game. New is here to kick our asses. Every fighter knows he must get in shape to face a championship fight. He often has to undertake new training to rise to the current level of engagement because the energy of the now is always new. And as hard as he trains, he must still show up to be present for the fight to get the credit.

And so it goes for each one of us, the new brings change and change is here for all. You can like it, not like it and even call it names. The more we can face the new, the more change we embrace, the more ease we can find through the ride. But make no mistake, when learning is required, there is a ‘going through’ it that takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Courage is always a now thing. It is called for in the moment and has to be developed spontaneously. And it’s always terrifying because it is so new. We can talk about it and talk about it but then there is the going through it, the facing the fight. And it takes something. Often we are drawn to certain movies, stories or people because they demonstrate these qualities. They show the ‘I can’ in the face of impossible odds. Why do we love Rocky Balboa? We see these examples and those qualities are imbued to us, individually, so we can face our own challenges and go through them with some guts.

We have become a society obsessed with safety in many ways. We’re bringing up our children in safety, or attempting to, but that does not strengthen. To be able to be the individual and to listen to the conscience is a dangerous path, a path that calls for courage and for character. Any time we stand up in the world and be who we are, that courage is demonstrated. Often it is the most difficult to do this with those we are closest to. But, as with all the principles, when that line of energy is invoked, it comes with a protection, a connection and a direction. It can be done. And it is always the individual that can do.

The individual is always the one to bring through change and to honor the new.

To develop we must reach to something beyond our mind, religion, race, family, or nation. We must connect to that larger presence that lives deep within each being and is waiting for us to develop the heart to learn. The conscience is the connection between the larger presence and the individual. The more we tune in and listen, the more able we are to follow our own direction and destiny. We may get laughed at, like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, or demeaned or even worse, but there is always a fulfillment and a profit in holding to that inner voice that calls forth courage. And terror comes along as a companion to let you know yes, you are facing something unusual here, something new.

New is scary.
Happy New You!