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It’s time to consider the R-TAP PROCESS.  Work, life, family, WFH, time — so many areas are changing!   How well can we move through the stages and acclimate to the changes that are at our doorstep?  The R-TAP Process provides a way to recognize that we are in the midst of changing daily, and it’s a process, and there can be great outcomes awaiting us.  Resist > Tolerate > Acclimate > Prefer. 

The R-TAP process is a quick and easy reference to determine where you’re at at any point, and where others are operating from, too.  It can assist us to be more compassionate — we all travel through these stages at different tempos and states of awareness. 

Take your team, your spouse, or your best friend.  This simple reference process can assist you to talk about, engage, and even assist each other to move through the 4 steps.  We often start in Resistance, and with some nudging we move to Tolerate, yet we are likely to be the most balanced and fulfilled when we can reach and hang out in Acclimate or Prefer.  Assisting others around you to reach for Acclimate or Prefer will provide a more balanced work and living environment.

RESIST:  This sucks.

TOLERATE:  I have to put up with this.

ACCLIMATE:  I can adapt to this.  I’m figuring it out.

PREFER:  Surprisingly, I’m actually preferring this.  There’s some value to this change.

Tip:  Provide these stages to your team, or your family, and have a group discussion about where each person is at, and why, and what they need to move into the next step.  Who and what can assist them?  How can we work together?