Moving from Impossible to I’m Possible
Leadership is the demonstration of principle that leads people to accomplish that which they thought was beyond their ability. It is based in the power of personal inspiration, a quality few demonstrate. You have to be willing to put yourself on the line, to learn, to do, and to demonstrate. Most of us try to lead in word, not in deed. A lot of the stories that stir us showcase inspirational leadership that achieves wondrous things in the face of impossible odds. In fact, one could say America was established against impossible odds.

George Washington is a great example of an inspirational leader. How did he get shoeless, unpaid, hungry soldiers who hadn’t won a battle in over a year to reenlist? He had an ability to touch to the heart of men and to be an example of a man facing his own destiny and challenges with grace and courage. Victory can be measured in many ways. Though we, in the corporate world, may not be facing death on a daily basis, the challenges in front of each of us are daunting and seem impossible to resolve. Each accomplishment becomes a victory, a victory of the possible over impossible odds. To lead with inspiration, one must find the heart, courage, determination and ability to hold to principle to lead through these challenges.

For those looking to develop this ability, there is a class that is focused on Leading with Power, Presence and Purpose (LP3). Moving from a manager to leader requires a focus on the larger business picture and the roles your department or team play in that picture. Setting direction and assisting people to move productively toward it requires strong people skills, self awareness and the inspiration to get others to move past no, won’t, can’t and ‘ain’t gonna.’ How do we do this with all of the difficult people in our way, and with the constraints of time, budget and energy? A lot of it starts with the individual and his or her ability to demonstrate ‘I’m possible’ amidst chaos and distraction and to lead teams to achieve against impossible odds.

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  1. Thank you for sending me the “new” newsletter. It has deliciousness all in and through it. I especially enjoy the focus on LEARNINGS; all that great stuff that comes from luvv and change and desire. This is some lifting eye candy in pictures and words. Luvv it? I DO!

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