My nephew recently said he wished he could bottle up my outlook on life and have it at his disposal when he needed it. So do I! I wish it was that easy. It made me think about what I do to keep that energy flowing through me.

I am inspired by the simple pleasures in life. These are what make me feel like an individual. It’s a way I know myself. For example, wearing high heels doesn’t make sense often, and my chiropractor says it’s not good for me. BUT, when I step into those heels and wear an outfit that brings out my beauty and sexiness, I do better work. I speak from greater truth. I am much more intuitive. I dress with character, consciously, for how I feel in my being as I go out and meet the day or night. Just today, a friend recounted exactly what I wore to my best friend’s St. Patrick’s Day party – she remembered it down to my green velvet hat, and I had forgotten!

I’ve also discovered that I am better for being in motion than being still. If I don’t get physical, I become like a volcano that can erupt at any moment. The best exercise or motion for anyone is probably the one you’ll actually do! I’ve discovered that I luvv to have fun through my body. Put on some hip hop and grab a hoola hoop and watch me go! I’m up to 30 minutes at a time. Yeehaw! I dance in my office alone or in classes like Cardio Carnivale or Burlesque. I walk in the sun and drink in its warmth on my skin. And I absolutely luvv being drenched with sweat from power yoga. All of these let me hang out with my physical body, like a dear companion. As a result, I am very comfortable in my own skin.

And then there’s work, stress and challenges of life. There have been days, this year especially, where I feel I could pull my hair out and give up. Some days I do just that. But when I don’t, I find my greatest inspiration comes from acts of courage. Where does someone go to learn courage? Where do you send someone to learn the steps to becoming a courageous individual, or a courageous leader?

I have found courage can be learned through movies. What a fun way to learn—get horizontal and watch someone else find their way through worldly perils, life/death situations, and family wars! But it’s the demonstration of what an individual can do, and will do, under stress and duress that grabs my attention. It’s my dose of seeing what I can do too, if I will.

Clients are always asking me for my recommended booklist on leadership, stress management or communication skills. I don’t have such a list, but I do have a different list: Movies of Courage and Principle. It’s so much more fun to learn from the examples of others in an uplifting way.

Here’s a sample video clip from the movie Rocky Balboa. It’s a very powerful scene of Rocky redirecting his son’s focus away from cowardice toward facing his own truth.

When I can en-courage myself from my own demonstration of courage, now that’s life’s adventure at work! That’s the frosting on the cake. Then I can be a living example of inspiration that can motivate others. And when I can’t find that gear, I keep at the disciplines above to continue developing a more fun, luvving, and courageous heart.

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