Ride the roller coaster of change.
Sit in the front seat with your hands in the air and yell, “Wheeeee!”

Now that’s a theme for 2010—ride the change!

For the most part, even as smart people, we are programmed to resist change. We fight it and avoid it and bad mouth it and deny it, and in the end, it’s still upon us. And 2010 is bringing in the change like a big dog!

Change in money, change in economy, change in business, change in marriage, change in the way our lives work. Change, change change. Funny how we call small amounts of money “change.”

“You got any change?” Yes, do you? Will you? They key is to not fight it but to embrace it. Ride it. Think about the big area of concern in your life, what you might say is “not working.” Chances are, it is working, but it’s working you! It’s wrapped itself around you to get you to move and see things new. Change brings the new and connects it to you personally. But each of us has to be willing to open the gift that change brings.

I’m looking squarely at major change in my own life. My business is growing, my son is going away to college, my husband wants to be with me differently, and my reference points are outdated. Then along comes my birthday: May 7th. This year, I turned 55. I was born in 1955, in the fifth month of the year. I was the 5th child in our family, and I’m 5’5” tall. And 5 is my favorite number. What’s with all the 5’s?

Well, in numerology, 5 represents FREEDOM. And Freedom is the ability to be yourself in all circumstances. It’s the expression of the individual who honors his/own truth no matter who or what is around. Being yourself at work, with your family, around people you don’t care for, with yourself. Now that’s freedom, and change is calling each of us out to step into that. Change is Life’s messenger bringing the boot to kick our butts.

For me, change is calling for more of me, more of my individuality, and going where I haven’t gone before. I have been trained to believe that being known and remembered as a “nice person” is a noble pursuit. In the past, it has appeared that my life works when people like me. But times are changing, and with this change have come greater surges of truth to the surface, the suppressed expressions that no longer can be held back. Like a mighty “ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!”
I don’t want to be nice. I desire to be powerful, vital, expansive and luvving.

Time to get on that roller coaster and put my hands in the air and let a loud “wheeeeeeeeee” reverberate from my being. All I get is tension if I fight it. But if I embrace it, I’m in life’s adventure and even the difficulties can be fun.

Change keeps us young…

We often feel that change will take away something we hold so dear. It does – it takes away our illusions and replaces them with truths, if we follow the flow.

Here’s something for you to do right now. Think about how change is talking to you at work or at home. If it’s at work, what’s upon you to change: is it something with you, with your team, your approach to your workload, your business associates? Are you generating a spirit of connection, achievement and fulfillment, or maintaining the same ol’ same ol’?

If it’s at home, is it something with you, your luvved ones, your family dynamic, your traditions? Get clear on what’s upon you to change, coupled with what you desire as an outcome. What’s in your heart that is yearning to be so in your life? What are you resisting relaxing into to discover how to see or do it differently?

Now, see yourself riding that roller coaster (the roller coaster symbolizes change.) You are in the front seat and with you is whatever old beliefs or illusions or reference points you are hanging on to. Together you are climbing up to that first peak, and as you just being to come over the top, you put your hands in the air and trust, yelling “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” as the roller coaster carries you down the tracks and you embrace the adventure in store for you.

Ride that roller coaster…daily.

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