Riding The Pressure

Each Wednesday I am holding a noontime Happy Hour zoom meeting, designed for reflection, re-centering and recharge. Each week there’s a new topic relevant to what we all are facing, and this week’s theme: RIDING THE PRESSURES IN YOUR LIFE.

We had a chance to talk about pressure, and not just what causes anxiety and distress, but the benefit of it.

  • Great things come out of pressure (gems and precious metals, world records, new technology)
  • Great people learn to embrace pressure (as a building block of character)
  • Some of us thrive under pressure, and new qualities can be developed (hope, courage, adaptability, vision, focus)

Everyone had their own combination of work and life pressures, but we agreed that this time provides an opportunity to rise up to the occasion or fall under the weight of uncertainty and change.

We looked at many tools and approaches, from meditating, taking walks, putting structure in your day, and setting boundaries. Clearly it was uplifting to hear each individual reaching for their own balance.

As always, I added a few extra tools. My approach is always that understanding a root cause is just the beginning; having something to focus on and do is where principle and new behaviors are developed.

Two additional tools:

JUMP: hop, skip, dance, frolic! DEFY GRAVITY!! Get out from under the weight of it all, which most of us carry in our neck, shoulders and upper back. We tend to carry fear in our lower back. Jumping, skipping and dancing all provide a way to release the physical patterns that hold us rigid and constrained. If you have kids, join their jumping around!

PICTURE THE BLACK TORNADO. This is a symbol of large change. It’s a way to steer our consciousness into possibility via the pressure we’re feeling. It’s a symbol of going beyond criticism, rejection and resistance.

The easiest way to do this is with your eyes closed. See yourself at the base of a black tornado, swirling around and around with great ease and fluidity, as you rise up the tornado, higher and higher, defying gravity and the heaviness of reality, rising until you shoot out of the top. You can picture yourself landing in deep space, laying back in the blackness and relaxing, or see yourself landing in a wonderfully special place for you.

Consider using either of these tools with what you are already doing. The pressures we are dealing with will only make us stronger and more adaptable, if we embrace them. Here’s to starting now and learning how!