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As adults, if we don’t hold ourselves to a focus of learning, we often end up in resistance.

I am permanently changed as a result of a huge learning endeavor over the past 9 weeks. I signed up for the journey to participate in a dance performance in Hollywood at The Cupcake Theater. It was called The Broadways Showstoppers!
30 of us amateur dancers and singers danced and sang on stage to numbers from Fame, Hamilton, Chicago, and Hairspray, to name a few. For 9 weeks we were thrown into accelerated learning: choreography, spacing, blocking, listening, costuming, and adapting all along the way.

Tor Campbell, our patient, magical choreographer and director, told us at the beginning: “Dancing is ageless. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s how much will you engage in your expression with it.”

We performed two 50-minute shows, with 7 costume changes each! And our actual dress rehearsal was only one hour before the first show! The pace of figuring out costumes, where to put them so we’d have time between numbers, where to be for the right entrance for the next number—it was crazy fun!!

I tend to be slightly controlling (slightly??) but I was forced to be OUT OF CONTROL for the duration! Even while I was doing my other work, (coaching and training) my background messages inside were “Ahhhh! I can’t get the choreography! He’s going too fast. I don’t understand my entrance. Will I ever get it?” And the voices didn’t quit!

I was the oldest member of the team, and the age ranged down to 18 years old. But because I was having so much fun, I learned. Because I had such a desire to go beyond what I thought was possible, I learned. And because Tor and the dance captains kept nudging us along, I learned.

  • I learned focus.
  • I learned discipline.
  • I learned courage.
  • I learned trust.

Now, I am changed. I expressed my heart in a deeply fulfilling way, and I am expanded. I feel sharper, quicker, and more nimble in adjusting to change. I feel a deeper freedom to express my truth, wisdom and beauty. Even in other areas of my life and business, I find myself more present, more willing to trust the moment, and becoming a stronger coach and trainer because of it. I even have more time…could it be?

My husband, Jerome, came to both performances. He took photos and video clips. But out of all that he recorded, I watch what he shows to others—these are the photos that captured my essence and utter joy! I look like I’m 25 years old in some of the shots because of the sheer joy I felt.

Learning and fun go hand in hand. It keeps us young. What have YOU been desiring to learn lately??