The Olympics spoke to my heart like a bold instructor, commanding me to see what was being broadcast to the whole world about possibilities, desires fulfilled, and character being built.

I collected colored images from USA Today.  I read and heard stories about the difficulties the athletes and families endured physically, emotionally and financially in order to get there.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica set new records and repeated gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters, showing the world he is not only the fastest man on earth, but he has the playful and bold presence to pull attention to himself from anyone watching, with blazen enthusiasm! 

Manteo Mitchell ran his leg of the 4×400 relay qualifier, and his fibula snapped half way through the lap.  He finished the lap in decent time ON A BROKEN LEG!  That’s guts and focus.

Bryshon Nellum, a world-class sprinter, was told he would never walk again after receiving multiple gun shots to his legs in a drive-by shooting 4 years ago.  For a year he couldn’t walk, but his heart didn’t give up on his desire for the Olympics.  Beyond what the doctors said was possible, he raced in the 4×400 relay and the US received silver medals.  He was selected to carry the American flag in the closing ceremony.

And of course, Oscar Pistorius of South Africa, the first double paraplegic runner named “The Blade Runner,” not only showed the world that limits and handicaps do not have to be self-imposed, but his racing spirit against able-bodied athletes knocked on everyone’s heart to open to expansive inclusion of the many expressions of greatness.  Kirani James, who ultimately won the gold medal in the 400 meters, exchanged bibs with Oscar as a sign of acknowledging what he was doing just by being in the race.

And there were more firsts:  women were part of each country that sent athletes, 5 countries won medals that had never won before, and there was an updated appreciation for all the medals, not just the gold.  I came away from the hours of watching to recognize three principles:

1)    All the Olympic athletes had coaches.

2)    All of them adhered to high levels of discipline daily.

3)    All of them had a very clear focus.

How does this translate to every day life for the rest of us?  What did this say to me?   What would happen to me if:

• I have a coach to encourage, push and correct me

• I adhere to specific disciplines daily using my body, heart and thoughts

• I have a very clear focus that I return to often and daily


We each may actually require several coaches, but they can be in many forms.  I am a coach for some people.  My salsa class instructor is one of my coaches – she pushes me but also tells me at the end of each session:  “I will see you on Thursday, correct?”


My body is so set in its way, from what I eat and when, to what I do and don’t do.  Discipline–is repeating what works, and we all know what it’s like to repeat what doesn’t work and get good at it in the process.  To overcome those hard-wired habits and patterns takes repetition, and that’s where the discipline is huge.  It’s also where the coach comes in to hold a clear vision of what’s possible when we are struggling with old traditions and comfort patterns.


What do you desire?  Can you hold to that desire when times are touch?  Can you override the comfort of maintaining routine behaviors by being pulled by a ferocious desire?

What’s the burning desire in your heart?   What does that greatness look like in you?

For me, I want to bring more luvv to the planet.  I desire to be part of changing the world and the way we learn.  I desire to be instrumental in converting this planet from a war planet to a peace planet, from reaction to luvv, from frenetic to flow.  I desire to fill the world with luvv and joy and courage through my example.  I desire to assist individuals to develop the courage to live their purpose.

I have made a decision to use these three principles consciously in my life:

1)    What is my focus?  What is my Olympic target for me?

2)    What are the high-level disciplines that track me into that groove of hitting my target?

3)    Who are my coaches?  I listen and follow your instruction and example

Go for the GOLD awaiting to be developed within you.   Wear a golden $ in your heart.