If we looked at the time, money and energy wasted on ineffective communication around conflict situations, we’d find that most companies could benefit from equipping their teams with skills around pressurized communication.

And if we leave our hearts out of it, the conflict usually turns to war. But with heart, we can usually find a healthy path forward.

Our workshops can be customized as 1 or 2-day trainings that are highly interactive, engaging and designed to practice key skills. We can include such areas as:

  • Learning the difference between conflict and war
  • Assessing your conflict style and the conflict styles of key people around you
  • Activating a 3-step “conflict hearty” model for pressurized discussions
  • Discovering ways to respond vs. react when the outcomes are not preferred
  • Practicing tools to stay open and aligned for internal balance
  • Learning 3 effective communication tools to direct or diffuse conflict
  • Engaging in active listening skills for deeper awareness of the
    real issues
  • Discovering tools to think on your feet quickly under pressure
  • Practicing managing ongoing conflicts that exist due to process,
    priorities or personalities
  • How to facilitate conflict issues when leading discussions around the table or on conference calls

We can design this workshop together around your key audience and key outcomes.



The purpose of us being here
Is to learn how to luvv one another
And to express that luvv
Without distortion.

–Henry Conyers



We live in a world of misunderstanding, assumptions, historical patterns and beliefs. If we can realize that we, as people, are all “under construction,” it allows us to listen and express ourselves from our hearts. It also gives way to be more understanding and curious of other styles and preferences.

Our approach to this topic is to explore, awaken, open up and become aware. Our workshops invite people to see through new eyes and hearts, allowing all to be part of the change required to expand our perspectives .These workshops can be customized to range from 3-hour formats to 2 days.

Areas that can be explored:

  • exploring the “ism’s” that get in the way of understanding others
  • unraveling the issues that cause intolerance and reaction
  • identifying the strong boundaries that the state has determined constitutes hostile work environments
  • using video clips to show pieces from movies or tv shows
    that point out our own behavior, reactions, and issues
  • learning through awareness-building activities around how we’ve all been diminished for some aspect of our expression singled out or diminished for some part of our expression
  • activating tools to redirect individuals out of the “I’m right, you’re wrong” game learning tools to increase hope-centered conversations
  • practicing communication skills that bridge with imbalanced behaviors:
    • active listening
    • discovery questions
    • bridging language
  • let us all eat cake, together

My luvv for this work comes from the desire to assist individuals and organizations to get off the repetitive drama cycle of right and wrong, and find more flow toward genuine connections. If someone has hate in their heart, we have to change our approach. We have to combat the hatred with hope, which is a battle of engagement and purpose. Without hope-centered communication, it’s hopeless to engage in dialogue.

–Jerome Green

Leave Them With A Wow!


Customer service excellence stands out as a golden principle for repeat business, increased sales, and keeping a large business feeling small and personal. To “leave them with a wow” includes elements of deep rooted respect, personal connection and generosity of spirit.

For your organization, we can customize specific half day, full day, and two-day workshops that include such areas as:

  • Grabbing your customer’s attention with the greeting
  • Establishing specific phrases to reinforce your vision, motto or desired interaction
  • Learning 5 powerful interpersonal skills for face to face, phone and e-communication
  • Learning a 3-step process to dealing with difficult people effectively
  • How to turn an obstacle into an opportunity
  • Learning how the energy behind our words is more important than what we say
  • Practicing how to resolve conflict with heart
  • Two tools to becoming an active listener for increased speed and ease
  • How to increase business through the principles of Customer Service Connection
  • Learning tools to balance yourself for daily recharge and ongoing renewal



We have found the best Board Retreats result from:

  • clearly defined outcomes
  • your desires
  • facilitation assistance!

We can assist you to cover areas in very practical arenas, as well as engage your board members to participate; ranging from brainstorming to problem-solving.

Areas we can assist you to cover:

  • getting acquainted and relaxed with each other
  • changes in leadership
  • strategic vision and direction
  • redirecting the power struggle to work together effectively
  • misalignments
  • tough collaborative decisions
  • flushing out the baggage from the current direction
  • upgrading processes, communication and structure


We work with you to determine what parts of the agenda will benefit from being facilitated and what is to be presented. We can be your MC throughout the entire event, or collaborate with other presenters and activities. We’re in it with you!



Our specialties include:

  • setting the tone of learning vs. perfection
  • weaving engagement, participation and fun into the objectives and outcomes
  • igniting passion and interest to be part of the solution
  • eliciting learning and problem solving approaches
  • exploring key issues via small group exercises, hikes, games, music, video clips and/or discussions

We specialize in being “the glue” between what you want to cover in your retreat, and what surfaces as a result of honestly looking at learning, issues, change, and new directions.

Working Together Effectively