My name is Gail Green, and I am founder and president of Go Green Learning.  That’s just the starter, because I bring so much more to my work than that.

My qualities as a trainer and coach include passion, intuition, fun, and the ability to assist the most stubborn of leaders!  I’ve been at this for over 20 years, and I have learned that my example of balanced leadership and genuine connection provides a fertile ground for individuals to grow, thrive and change.

My specialties include customizing training and projects to align with the needs of your organization or department.  These include Women In Leadership, Presenting with Impact, Interactive Team Building, Leading the Way, DEI & Belonging, Effective Leadership Communication and Executive Presence.  Within all these areas, I also do management and executive coaching.

My style is engaging and inclusive, with a focus on self-accountability.  I see we all have great attributes to develop and contribute, and I so enjoy the challenge of digging into the issues of a team or leader to both release the blocks and reveal the greatness that waits to be activated.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from CSU, Los Angeles, and graduate work in Cross Cultural Communication and Work/Life Balance.

I was a licensed massage therapist for 15 years, and that has endured as a foundational focus of head/heart/hands in all my work, focusing on sustainability, awareness and balance in leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors.  The Balanced Leader is my focus. 

My vision:  that I contribute to turning corporate America into a place where people grow and thrive through the opportunities and challenges they face daily.  And as a result, we all become stronger, more adaptable, and more connected as human beings, through our work.