Jerome Green is a compassionate intuitive individual who utilizes his background in Student Development, counseling and Public Administration as guidepost to how he conducts his work. Jerome has worked in higher education for 24 years in a variety of positions including, Management Leadership and Human Resources administration. He has published articles on diversity and leadership and also wrote a golf comic book.

Jerome is our go to guy for tough situations and processes that require a miner’s touch. Jerome has extensive experience in the area of conflict management, life skill training, and leadership training and customer service programs. Jerome utilizes humor and laughter in his work and is a great storyteller.


From Jerome:

Nothing fulfills me more than seeing my clients and partners thrive. They thrive when they are happy, when their world opens up, when their perspectives shift and when they embrace new opportunities.

This is why I do what I do. And there is so much more to be done.

People call on me as a thought partner to coach or consult them as individuals or support their organization. My work helps others move from Point A to Point B – whether through leadership development, conflict management, behavior change, decision-making, life-skill training, diversity, equity, and inclusion programming. I help by guiding my clients and partners to find the answers to questions and challenges they face at work and in life.

I bring my whole self to the work I do, and I’ve been developing myself throughout my entire career that spans more than 40 years. As a life-long learner, I earned a degree in sociology, completed graduate courses in counseling and public administration, and continue to pursue coursework and certificates to grow my capabilities.

I am certified in Accelerated Coach Excellence (ACE), Tony Robbins’ Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB), and am a certified Process Communication Model (PCM) Coach.

I spent 24 years working in higher education, university management, leadership development, and human resources, and just as many years in the pressurized sports world running a youth sports basketball business, coaching young adults, and consulting coaches and athletes both on and off the court.

All of my experience, education, and training have helped me build quite a collection of tools and methods to support those I work with and open their doors to discovery.

My background translates beautifully to my business today and all aspects of my life. It helped me through what was perhaps my most difficult year, as it was for many, 2020. What I thought was once simple, I no longer take for granted. By embracing a growth mindset and gaining new personal and professional insights, I am now doing some of the best work of my career.