Great storytellers make great Presenters.
Great Presenters make GREAT LEADERS.

Key Areas covered in our 2-Day Presentation Skills Workshop:

  • How to design a compelling “hot start”
  • Crafting clear and streamlined PowerPoint decks
  • Making sure your content aligns with your message
  • Learning and practicing the physical skills of presenting: posture, gestures, voice, eye contact
  • Practicing both around the table (informal) and stand up (formal) presentations
  • Animating your message
  • How to think on your feet for clear and organized responses to Q&A and general questions
  • Awareness building for reading your audience
  • Learning/practicing tools to manage nerves and distractions
  • Practicing persuasion skills for push-back and adversarial audiences
  • Video recording with coaching: practicing, watching, learning, adapting

This content can be customized for in-house trainings, or modified for our one-day format. We suggest up to 10 participants for the video-recording format.